तू आणि मी

घालुनि पिंगा तुजभोवती,
तुझाच होऊन राहिलो।
कधी तुजसमोरी कधी नभापरि,
तुजवरती छाया देत राहिलो।
कधी दिव्यापरी तर कधी चंद्रापरी,
तुजसाठी साथ बनूनी जागलो।
कधी भ्रमरापरी तर कधी चातकापरी,
तुज नजर होण्या गुनगुनत राहिलो।
तुझ्या श्वासावर तुझ्या जगन्यात,
स्पंदन बनूनी राहिलो,
हे होता होता मी माझाच न राहिलो।


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Vishwas Mantra

“Find your place where all world will be with you but still you only speak with your 💓”…..#vishwasmantra #vishuworld #lifesquotes #ifounditawesome #travelstories #travellersala #travelblogger #quotesaboutlife #quoteoftoday

Vishwas Mantra- Happy New Year

“Something that we experienced in 2017 and will experience in new year 2018”

** 2017=> There was something that you will remember forever,
** 2018=> There will be something for which you are waiting eagerly,

** 2017=> You failed in achieving your goals, but you ignored it like before.
** 2018=> You might fail again as before but try to learn the lessons from your failures.

** 2017=> You maintained some relationships which were like fogg and they disappeared with the time.
** 2018=> You will maintained the relationships like before but make sure this time they will be true one and will remain forever.

** 2017=> You enjoyed it like anything but still some things left to do.
** 2018=> You will enjoyed it like before but still some things will remain to do.

** 2017=> You made my friendship world beautiful.
** 2018=> We will make it more beautiful than 2017.
****”HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018″***

My all time favourite lines-
“Zindagi ek pal hai,
Jisame aaj hai na kal hai,
Jeele Zindagi ko is tarah,
Jabh bhi koi Tum se mile to kahe- yehi mere Zindagi ka sab se hasin pal hai….”.

Life is beautiful, enjoyed your every moment and make it memorable.